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I dedicate my life to the art of guitar making and I try to express my life-long passion for music in every instrument I make. Growing up in a musical family, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in an environment full of melodies and sounds. I soon discovered a special love for the guitar and the incredible range of tones and nuances it could produce.

My name is Simone SalaI got a degree at the civica scuola di liuteria in Milan tutored by experts such as Lorenzo Lippi and Tiziano Rizzi and over the years I’ve learnt the traditional building techniques from Spain and the modern styles.

My history in the world of guitar making is a journey of passion, dedication and craftsmanship.

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nives about

During my training I developed a particular passion for plucked instruments, dedicating time and energy to perfect my skills in the construction of electric, acoustic and electric bass guitars, trying to obtain the richest, most balanced and harmonious sound possible.

I find delight both in creating bespoke guitars and in building classic models to the highest quality. My drive is to seek perfect harmony between prestigious raw materials and the desires of my customers.

jazzmaster about

Each instrument made in my workshop is unique and tailored to the musician who will play it. I work closely with my clients to understand their needs, aesthetic tastes and expectations. This personalized attention ensures that each instrument is a unique work of art and reflects the player's personality and style.

My philosophy is based on the balance between tradition and innovation. While respecting traditional lutherie techniques and principles, I am also committed to experimenting and adopting new technologies and approaches to continuously improve the quality and performance of my instruments.

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