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THE HYBRID GUITAR: The Sound Of The Future

Let me introduce the extraordinary hybrid guitar "Pegaso," masterfully handcrafted in the Liuteria Sala workshop. This innovative instrument brings together the best of two worlds, seamlessly blending the warm tones of an acoustic guitar with the electrifying power of its electric counterpart.

Every detail of this guitar has been skillfully taken care of, ensuring exceptional performance. Pegaso boasts a meticulously crafted mahogany body, providing a resonant foundation for its exceptional sound. The figured maple neck adds not only stability but also a unique aesthetic appeal. The ebony fingerboard and bridge add a touch of elegance and are chosen for their tonal properties that contribute to a clean and defined sound. A distinctive feature of the Pegaso model is its stunning premium-grade red spruce soundboard. This wood offers exceptional projection, ensuring that each strum is met with an enchanting blend of warmth and brilliance. Schaller is the brand of the tuners, ensuring precise and stable tuning.

To amplify its acoustic voice, the Pegaso is equipped with the LR Baggs Hi-Fi system, a cutting-edge technology that accurately captures and reproduces the guitar's natural sound. Whether performing on stage or recording in the studio, this system guarantees that every nuance of your playing is accurately conveyed to your audience. Finally, the LR Baggs volume and tone control system allows for easy management of dynamics and frequencies, enabling precise and accurate sound shaping.

For those times when you ardently desire the distinctive sound of an electric guitar, fear not! The Pegaso is equipped with a custom-designed Flametone pickup, strategically positioned at the bridge. This pickup offers a highly dynamic, versatile, and expressive sound, making it ideal for any musical genre.

The unique feature of this hybrid guitar is the presence of two separate outputs: one for the natural acoustic sound and the other for the electric pickup. This allows for full control over both sounds and the ability to mix them according to the performer's preferences.

Beyond its sound, this guitar is a visual masterpiece. Its refined design showcases the perfect blend of classical and modern aesthetics, making it a true work of art that stands out in any collection.

In summary, the Liuteria Sala hybrid guitar is a craftsmanship masterpiece that offers the perfect combination of the warmth and resonance of an acoustic guitar with the versatility and power of an electric guitar. It represents an ideal option for musicians who wish to express their creativity in new and innovative ways.

Well done @Liukbaldoni for showcasing its full potential! IG / liukbaldoni


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